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Folding Travel Stool (Private Listing)

Folding Travel Stool (Private Listing)

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Introducing our innovative Foldable Travel Stool – the epitome of convenience and comfort! Effortlessly open and close it with its unique foldability, making it an incredibly compact and space-saving companion you can take anywhere. Crafted from high-quality, lightweight material, this stool is robust and stable, yet pleasantly lightweight for easy carrying in your backpack, travel bag, or trunk. Despite its compact size, it offers a surprisingly comfortable seating option, perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Height-adjustable to suit both adults and children and built with environmentally friendly, high-strength plastic and a secure locking system, this stool guarantees stability and a maximum load capacity of 150 kg. Embrace this foldable wonder for all your adventures, providing you with a comfortable and safe seating solution wherever you go!





Material: Plastic
Style: Modern and simple
Features: Foldable and portable with a high load capacity
Design: Maximum load of up to 150 kg with a firm locking mechanism

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